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Medicaid Coverage

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

As of 2021, Medicaid recipients can now take advantage of having a doula apart of their birthing team. While the coverage is not available in all states, below are some of states in which Medicaid doula care is available.

  • *New Jersey,

  • *Virginia,

  • *Maryland and pending others.

To add to this special news families with TriCare (most likely military, navy, etc.) are now able to access doula care under their health insurance. Members must look up their benefits or call the toll-free number on the back of their insurance cards to verify coverage.

No person who is covered under Medicaid and able to utilize doula benefits should be charged from a doula. There are circumstances in which out of pocket charges may occur which are:

  • If you want additional or extended services Medicaid does not cover.

  • Your insurance lapse or denied while receiving care and you wish to continue service out of pocket.

Just be mindful the doula coverage ONLY pays for 1 consultation. If you have multiple consultations and multiple doulas try to bill for this their claim may be denied. I personally do not submit claims for consultations until a family has booked me.

(States above with this * in front of them are states in which I am registered. If you wish to receive my services covered under Medicaid for these listed states, please visit: Home | Nurturing Baybees and scroll down to the "how can we help section." Here you will click on the insurance you have for the state you reside/cover under and see if you're eligible for doula care. Once this has been confirmed, you can come back and submit an inquiry for a free consultation.)

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