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Looks a little empty?


Please excuse our home as we expand just a bit. 

In the meantime, you can read a bit more about our remodel below:

Nuturing BayBees will focus on infants and families from 3 months postpartum until 3 years of age/postpartum.

Nurturing Families Two will focus on preconception, pregnancy and immediate postpartum until 2 months post birth.

Our mission number one is to fight against the disparities black and brown women as well as children are facing in healthcare. Number two is providing all families with the care they deserve regardless of payment method, race, relationship status and or sexual orientation. Number three is to be a safe place for everyone in the family not just mom but dad, grandma, grandpa and the children too.

Want to read more?

You most certainly can when we relaunch in late Spring 2024 with our new website, programs and services.

*All doula services are on hold until 2024!*

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