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Insurance Coverage (Non-Medicaid)

As of now and to my knowledge the only health insurance company also known as MCO's (managed care organization) that has doula coverage is Horizon Blue Cross Blue Sheild.

Please do not get this confused with its subsidiaries or Horizon NJ Health for NJ Medicaid recipients. You must log into your health insurance portal to check your benefits and coverage. Just because you have Horizon BCBS or any other health insurance (non-medicaid) who may offer this benefit - it may not be available to you under your particular plan.

Please verify all benefits and coverage before consulting with a doula.

HSA/FSA/HRA Benefits

If you don't have Medicaid and you do not qualify under your regular insurance - you can see if you have either HSA, FSA or HRA benefits. These types of benefits might cover your out-of-pocket doula expense. You will still need to pay your doula upfront, but you can file a claim after to reimbursed if eligible.

Check with your health insurance company to see if you have these benefits available to you.

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