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Policy: Team, Background, Pricing & Cancellation


We do not have a hired team but clients whether potential or booked may see my male partner or close female friend from time to time. These individuals volunteer their time to support my work as a doula and mom so I can be available to support families.


All pricing you see on the site is set. There are no additional cost, fees or discounts. Pricing only alters if a person book more than 1 service and the additional services have a duplicate care. For example:

If a family books pregnancy or cesarean support and newborn care. I would remove 1 baby prep and 1 birth/postpartum plan which will reduce the cost.

Non-refundable Fee: $150 is a booking fee for cash clients.

Due to insurance guidelines, doulas are not allowed to obtain a booking from these clients.


Clients regardless of their method of payment can cancel their contract at any time for any reason prior to a scheduled visit within 24 hours. If a client does not communicate this properly within 24 hours of a visit, they will be charged for that visit. Clients who pay in full will be refunded their balance minus any completed visits, work and or non-refundable fee mentioned above. Clients will not be charged for visits or work not completed unless they did not provide 24-hour notice of contract cancellation. This cancellation policy only applies to those who want to end their contract. Please note, an end of contract document must be reviewed and signed which will reflect the refund amount, if applicable.

Background Checks

To ensure families feel safe with me, I conduct background checks on myself annually. This information will always be public information to potential and booked families. Below is the latest background check run on myself which is good from and through March 2023 to March 2024.

2023 Background Check_Doula Alreema
Download PDF • 466KB

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