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The Founder, Alreema Vining

Hello everyone! My name is Alreema Vining, I am the sole owner and founder of Nurturing BayBees also known as Nurturing BayBees Doula Care.

As you have read on the "Doula Support" page I have a significant amount of training and certifications. Here's a little back story on how I became Doula Alreema.

Since I was a little child, I always had a soft spot for infants. As I grew older and went into high school in 2001, I was offered summer employment at the health clinic on 110 William Street in Newark, NJ. This was ultimately my 1st job and a job where I was able to work with families. I came to this clinic every summer eager to work and learn. In 2005, I was set to graduate Barringer High School in Newark. At that time, I went into retail for years but knew that wasn't something I could do forever. Although, I enrolled into Bloomfield College for Early Childhood Education and Child Psychology my educational soon ended.

In 2010, after being let go from my job, I was offered an educational opportunity through unemployment. This opportunity got me hands on training in daycare settings as well as a Union County College certificate as a Certified Infant/Toddler Childcare Giver. I went on to work part time nanny and teacher jobs while working full time corporate jobs until 2016 when I got pregnant with my 3rd child. I labeled myself then the "mother's helper" as I would work for new parents and often dealt with infants.

After my traumatic birth in 2017 causing postpartum depression and anxiety, I wanted to do research on self-healing and find ways to support parents facing traumatic birth events. This is when I came across the alarming mortality rates BIPOC families encountered. Research after research I took my 1st doula training with Your Best Birth (a Dona approved workshop) in 2018 to discover this is something I genuinely liked. I released my doula services under The Labor Mami and took off on my doula journey. Year after year I added new doula trainings, workshops and more to my portfolio. In 2022, I wanted a brand lift that shows and represents more than labor/birth side to my business. After some and logo tossing, I landed on Nurturing BayBees. Our slogan is Nurturing BayBees and parents too! I love everything about this name and logo as well as noticed it is well accepted in various communities.

To date, I am the start and end to what a family may need. I am certified in preconception education, varies stages in between from pregnancy, birth to postpartum ending with early childhood care/education. I am certified state doula in New Jersey and Virginia pending Maryland. I am a 7-time trained doula but 3-time certified doula pending 4. I am certified with Shafia Monroe Consulting, Urban Baby Beginnings, Commonsense Childbirth and pending Dona. I can tell you everything I am familiar with and specialize in, but it would be easier to state what I am not an expert in which is:

  • Fertility Education

  • Herbal Education or Remedies

  • Extensive Breastfeeding Education or Conditions (IBCLC level)

  • Reproductive Issues or Conditions

If you are seeking someone with the above experience, I am more than happy to refer out or recommend. However, this is me! I am comfortable with all races, religions and sexualities. This business is black, and woman led who works with the LGBTQ+, BIPOC and urban or low incomes communities among others.

My most recent educational level is currently attending Walden University for Public Health with an end goal of obtaining my doctorate degree.

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