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Business Vs Service Hours

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Our business hours differ from our service hours. Although we may see clients during business hours, we provide administrative duties during this time as well. Duties such as consultations, bookings, answering inquiries - emails - text - calls, updating business information and more.

Our service hours differ from business hours as we offer certain services to families that may be outside normally business and day hours. Services we provide such as postpartum care, newborn care, bereavement support, cesarean birth support, birth support (virtual or in-person) and more. Some of these services require us to be on call late night or early mornings. In order for us to self-care properly our business hours are strict.

Our business hours are 9am - 4pm Monday - Thursday

Our service/client hours are 8am - 8pm Monday - Thursday.

After births we take a 24-hour rest day to ensure we do not overwork ourselves. This is what you will see reflected in the visit breakdown. If we are at a birth, we conduct our 1st postpartum visit 24 to 48 hours after discharge excluding Saturday and Sunday. This is to get rest and see other clients, if applicable.

We do not provide services on a weekend.

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