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Meet The Founder

Alreema Vining, Certified Doula Practitioner, MCH-CHW

Is the owner and founder of Nurturing BayBees and its subsidiaries. She is a Certified Doula Practitioner in New Jersey, Virgina and Maryland as well as a Certified Preconception Educator and Certified Family Coach. She is a mother of three children and one heavenly angel. Born and raised in Newark, NJ, Alreema knows firsthand how much urban, black/brown, and low-income communities are underserved. While she has over 10+ years of experience dealing with postpartum families - she took her first doula training in 2018. From there she has learned many skills, took plenty of trainings and met many people but her love for serving families has stayed the same.


Her story:

Suffering a miscarriage in 2016, being ignored in the ER, passing out from blood loss, having her two children witness this and being discharged 24 hours later with no follow-up. To getting pregnant three months later, having her rainbow baby in 2017, surviving a traumatic delivery and dealing with a yearlong battle of postpartum depression, and physical recovery. Alreema wants nothing less than the best for families and she wants it now.

While her story is not the face of Nurturing BayBees, it is the cause of change. To learn more about Doula Alreema visit:


Trainings & Education


2018                    Dona International                                Birth Doula

2018                    Ancient Songs                                       Perinatal Full Spectrum Community Health Worker

2019 (CD)           Shafia Monroe Consulting                    Full Circle Doula

2020                  Community Doulas of South Jersey    Full Spectrum Community Doula

2021 (CD)           Urban Baby Beginnings                       Community Health Wo
rker/Community Doula

2022 (CD)          Dona International                                Birth Doula

2022 (CD)          Commonsense Childbirth Institute      Full Spectrum Doula   



2022 (Current)       NJDLC/HealthConnect One                  Doula Mentor

2022                      Commonsense Childbirth Institute        Doula Mentor


2011                       Union County College                                  Certified Caregiver (Infant/Toddler CDA program)

2021  (Current)     Walden Univers
ity                                         Public Health - Bachelor/Master Bridge Program (pending)

                                                                                                     (End goal Doctorates of Public Health)


2011                     Various Schools                                              Infant/Toddler Teacher

2019                    State of NJ/NJ Workforce                              Family Specialist (Content Specialist)

2019                    Central Jersey Family Health                         Certified Preconception Peer Educator l & ll

2019                     Healthy Children Project                               Trained Lactation Counselor

2020                    Nneka Hall                                                      Pregnancy & Infant Loss (PAIL) Advocate

2021                     State of New Jersey                                      Certified Medicaid Doula Provider

2022                    State of Virginia                                             Certified Medicaid Doula Provider

2023                    State of Maryland                                          Certified Medicaid Doula Provider (pending)

2023                    State of New York                                         
Certified Medicaid Doula Provider (pending)

2023                                            -                                               Placenta Encapsulation (pending)    

2023                    Postpartum Support International                 Perinatal Mood Coach (completed - pend
ing certified)

2023                    National Council for Mental Wellbeing         Certified Mental Health First Aider

2023                    K & G Academy                                              Certified Home Health Aide

2024                    Com Tec
                                                         Certified Medical Assistant (pending)

Note: Other trainings and classes have been taken in order for Doula Alreema to be a successful Full Spectrum Doula and MCH Community Health Worker. Including CPR, massage, and food safety training used when she's cooking for families during the prenatal and postpartum periods.

(The below certifications do not reflect all certificates earned.)

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