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Services, Pricing & Booking

*Updated Service Announcement*
In-person vaginal births are not available at this time - only virtual.
In-person planned c-section births are available.
Hours for all consultations, visits and sessions are 2:00PM - 8:00P
M Mon - Thurs.
Calendar closes December 1st, 2023 - February 29th, 2024.

Services & Pricing

Pricing listed on other sites reflect agency cost which is different from Nurturing BayBees private cost.  HOURS: 2PM-8PM

Support hours are NOT business hours. Consultations are required for all potential clients.

Ready To Book Your Doula?


We provide IN-PERSON services to the below locations. (All other locations virtual until 2025) 

Travel restrictions apply! In-person/physical support for planned cesareans, prenatal, or postpartum visits and newborn care up to 45 minutes away from Newark, NJ.  In-person/physical vaginal birth support up to 30 minutes away from Newark, NJ. No exceptions!

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